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from by Lewis Findlay

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So this is how it feels so to be
Falling out of love with all the world
Next to me you're probably the saddest story i have ever heard
I know my humours darker,my self deprication lately's over zealous
But all your disregard for life arouses mine inside,it makes me jealous

Someone thought that were being properly clever, "a semi-colons just a breathing space so keep it together", well I ain't having that I'm still of the mindset I want to sever,put a full stop after everything and end it all together and im well aware this situation can't go on forever that's why I find myself psyching myself up to ask you wether you could do me this one last favour.

Please kill me
Oh,please,please kill me
I know exactly what I want to be - dead,forgotten,gone.
So,please,please kill me.

Funny how the same thoughts,the ones who used to keep me inside silence,
Are the same ones I have now that only serve to drive me into violence
''Oh,we're here for you" "Talk to us"
Lately conversations such a chore
Even if I was of the mind to,I'd still disencline to - self pity is just such a crashing bore.

Recently it seems to me I'm more in the position to be looking at my situation and the way I'm living,realising deep inside that it has been my own submission that has left me as the centre of most of this attrition
And I'm sitting home and lonely and I'm secretly wishing I wish living to do more than feed all of my own addictions so help me get some peace.

And please kill me
Oh,please,please kill me.

Its far too long a ride in any case
Seems I'll do anything to make it briefer
Not here for a long time? Just here for a good time?
I am not here for either

Someone thought that they were being properly clever, "a semi colons just a breathing space so keep it together", well I ain't having that im still of the mindset I want to sever every loose tie,I wont live a lie and fullstops are forever and i'm well aware the situations gotten worse than ever,I find I am less inclined to try an pull my mind together so help me get some peace

and please kill me.

Oh please,please kill me
I know exactly what i want to be,
Cut the chord and council please,
Please kill me
Oh please,please kill me
I know exactly what I want to be
Dead,forgotten,gone - so please,
Please kill me.


from Opia, released May 4, 2017



all rights reserved


Lewis Findlay Edinburgh, UK

Edinburgh based singer/songwriter/Lion King enthusiast.

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